Change the List: Convince me to vote!
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Help boost Hawaii's voter turnout
Are you voting for the first time? Upload a photo of yourself and tell us why.
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Change the List: Convince me to vote!

Hawaii has the lowest voter turnout rate in the country. As part of a new CNN project called Change the List, we're trying to create a conversation that could change that.


But we'll need your help to make it work.


Here's what you can do: In the gallery at the top of this story you'll find information about six nonvoters in Hawaii. They have some interesting reasons for not voting. One is a high school student who has specific political interests but says he feels too young and uninformed to participate in something as serious as voting.


Another doesn't want Hawaii to be part of the United States, so she doesn't participate on principle, even though she could try to vote in leaders that would push against statehood. Another was driving to the polls during a recent election and turned back because she heard the winner of the presidential race announced on her car radio. Hawaii is six hours behind Eastern Time.


When you find someone you like, send them video message here convincing him or her to vote. Please treat them with respect, and share a piece of your story: Why do you vote? Or why is it important to you that everyone takes part in our democracy?


UPDATE: This assignment is now closed. Want to know if the Hawaiians got our and voted? Find out here!

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