100 places to eat like a local
One iReporter says the perfect Cuban sandwich is found in - who knew? - New Orleans, Louisiana. Here's the delicacy from Cochon Butcher. Photo courtesy Melinda Green Harvey

What's your favorite under-the-radar eatery?
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100 places to eat like a local

We all want to feel like we belong when we travel, and what better way than to eat as the locals do?


Travel + Leisure and CNN iReport are pairing up to create a list of 100 places to eat like a local. We're looking for your recommendations — from New Orleans to New Delhi, Bangkok to Barcelona, and beyond — of the best, most authentic places for visitors to feel like insiders when they’re on the road.


There are the places in the guidebooks, the places you’ll take your in-laws for dinner — and then there are the places that are so good, so under-the-radar, that you kind of want to keep them secret forever, but you know that wouldn't be fair. Those places that perfectly sum up their city and couldn't exist anywhere else. Those are the spots we want to know about.


So, here's your chance to shine the foodie spotlight on your all-time favorites. Whether it’s a thali joint, a brasserie, or a food truck, we’re all ears. Help us create a food lovers’ map of the world, so hungry readers and viewers can follow in your footsteps.


Share a photo or video of your pick and tell us what makes it special. Please make sure to include the name of the restaurant, the city where it's located, and your favorite dish. And then, stay tuned. The definitive list of 100 places to eat like a local -- including 10 from iReport -- will be revealed in the April 2013 issue of Travel + Leisure. Will yours make the list?

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