Jersey Shore memories
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Tell us your favorite memories tied to places along the store.
Your stories could be featured as part of CNN's continuing storm coverage.
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New Jersey
Jersey Shore memories

As officials and residents continue to assess Superstorm Sandy’s damage across the East Coast, one of the hardest-hit areas is the Jersey Shore. The popular tourist destination is known for its boardwalks, beaches, amusement parks and, of course, saltwater taffy.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shared nostalgic childhood memories of the shoreline at a Tuesday evening press conference. "It won't be same. It will be different because many of the iconic things that made it what it was are not gone and washed into the ocean,” he said, later vowing that the area will be rebuilt.


As CNN continues its Sandy coverage, we invite you to share your photos and memories of the Jersey Shore. What will you miss the most? Tell us your favorite memories tied to the places along the shore. Together let’s see if we can preserve the stories of the places Sandy swept away.


UPDATE: This assignment is now closed. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories!

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