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Share a photo of your dog and tell us why your pet was so special.
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Loving and losing a dog: Your tributes

Singer Fiona Apple recently canceled a tour to stay home with her dying dog. The decision may have caused some upset among her fans, but so many others could relate to the need to honor their beloved furry friends until the very end.


As CNN’s Kat Kinsman recently wrote in a tribute to her belated Irish Wolfhound, Mordred:


“Dogs express their love and trust in many ways -- some lap at your face, knock you down with kisses as you come home, leave a half-dead animal on your pillow, or sit on your lap and sigh with contentment. The large and stoic ones tend to lean. It's a hug. It's the best feeling in the universe.


“Once you get leaned on by a dog who loves you, you just can't help but lean right back.”


We’d like to hear from dog owners who have endured a loss. Please share a photo of your dog, and tell us why your pet was so special – and how you spent your last days together.


Thank you for your submissions. We featured several of your tributes in this gallery on CNN.com.

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