12 items for 12/12/12
Katie Hawkins-Gaar/CNN

Celebrate the date by photographing a dozen items.
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12 items for 12/12/12

It’s a date that you can’t ignore. December 12, 2012 – or 12/12/12 – is the last triple-digit date of the century. Couples around the world will flock to tie the knot, while the hopeful will look for a magic moment on the special date.


We’re inviting you to celebrate 12/12/12 with us by taking a photo of a dozen items arranged neatly. It’s a little silly, yes, but it’s a fun and creative way to mark a date that might otherwise pass you by. Plus, we’ll showcase some of the best submissions from around the globe on CNN.


So take a moment to find 12 items to organize, grab your camera, and join the fun. Happy 12/12/12!

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