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Send a message of support to the LGBTQ community.
Download the sign, fill in the blank and upload a photo or video tribute to an LGBTQ sister, brother, parent, coworker, friend or loved one. Don't have a printer? Make your own sign!
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"I <3 my gay _______"

In an effort to show support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer communities around the world, CNN Opinion columnist John D. Sutter is asking readers and viewers -- in the United States and internationally -- to share stories about their LGBTQ loved ones. Follow three easy steps.

1. Download and print out the sign of your choice (or make one of your own!). Here they are:

I <3 My Gay ____.

I <3 My Lesbian ____.

I <3 My Bi ____.

I <3 My Transgender ____.

I <3 My Queer ____.

2. Fill in the blank with words like “dad, mom, brother, sister, friend, teacher, boss,” etc.

3. Then take a photo with the sign, or film a short video clip -- one minute or less -- holding up the sign and telling CNN why this LGBTQ person is important to you, and what you cherish about them. Personal stories are best. And you don’t have to use the person’s name.

CNN hopes to edit the best of the best into a compilation video.

This assignment was inspired by a group of PFLAG supporters who held up signs similar to these in the 2012 Atlanta Pride parade.

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