Photo challenge: Recreate your dream
Courtesy Ronen Goldman

Shoot a portrait with an object from your dream.
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Photo challenge: Recreate your dream

For the past six years, Israeli  photographer Ronen Goldman has been recreating fragments of his dreams in a  surrealist series called The “Surrealistic Pillow”  Project.


Want to try?


Take a photo using one element you  can recall from your dream, using any type of camera or phone. The photo needs to tell the story of  the dream, or part of it. In the caption, write what you remember from the  dream.


"If you don't like the result, do it  again until you do," Goldman says. "Be prepared for the possibility of it being  misunderstood or deemed a failure. It might just turn out to be the best thing  you have ever done, and interest a whole bunch of  people."


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