Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform
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How should immigrants obtain citizenship?
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Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

The topic of illegal immigration in America often falls under fiery debate, and now a new framework for legalization could provide more opportunities for immigrants in the country without a valid visa or green card to seek chances for citizenship.


If you are a naturalized citizen in the United States, we want to hear your thoughts on illegal immigration. Do you think undocumented immigrants should have the ability to seek citizenship once in America? Why or why not?


Tell us about your own path to citizenship. What did you do to become an American citizen, and what do you think other people who want U.S. citizenship should do?


Share your thoughts on video or in writing, along with an original photo, and you could be featured in a CNN story.


UPDATE: Thank you for the wonderful submissions. We featured several of them on in this article. This assignment is now closed.

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