What does your favorite T-shirt say about you?
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Your T-shirt tales

Fit Nation team member Douglas Mogle still has the T-shirt he earned at baseball camp when he was 11 years old. The sleeves are missing and it’s a bit too tight, but Mogle says the shirt represents the athlete he used to be.


If we could look in your dresser drawers, what would we find? Maybe an old shirt from an ex that’s so soft you can’t give it up, or a souvenir tee from the greatest family vacation ever.


Post a photo of yourself in your favorite T-shirt and explain its importance. What does it say about you? What memories does it evoke? Have you ever tried to give it away, only to find you’re unable to part with it?


UPDATE: Thanks to the contributions and submissions from the iReport and Instagram community, we were able to highlight the personal tales behind people's T-shirts. Check out the CNN story and gallery: Tales through T-shirts

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