Faith-shaking moments
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Did you have an experience that shook your faith?
Good or bad, share it with CNN.
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Faith-shaking moments

Bob Johnson has a complicated relationship with religion. He believes in God, but when his daughter came out as a lesbian, the church rejected his family. It’s been a fundamental shift in their lives and changed their connection to their faith. Johnson is profiled in AC360’s documentary, The Bully Effect, premiering on CNN on February 28 at 10 p.m. ET.


We’re interested in hearing from others who’ve experienced faith-shaking moments. If you can trace your spiritual beliefs back to one event – whether it led you closer to or away from religion – we want to hear from you.


Whether it was having a child come out of the closet, visiting a new culture or experiencing tragedy, tell us how your moment shaped your beliefs today. Be sure to include a photo of yourself or share your story on video. You could be featured on CNN.

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