Telecommuting: Your productivity tips
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If you telecommute, what are the challenges to doing your job well?
Share your advice for staying creative and productive in a home office.
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Telecommuting: Your productivity tips

Yahoo has put the kibosh on employees working from home, saying in a memo that working side by side is critical for communication and collaboration.


The Yahoo policy has sparked a work/life balance debate about the benefits and risks of working from home; Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's ex-employer Google also views it as a productivity killer; other companies say people who work from home get more done, have fewer distractions and are happier employees.


The number of Americans working from home has soared 41% in the last decade.


Are you one of them?


If you telecommute, share your advice for staying creative, productive and collaborating with colleagues from home. What are the challenges to getting your job done? How do you make up for the lack of face-time with your co-workers? Share your top tips, along with a photo of your workspace.


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who shared their work-from-home tips! We shared some of the best in a story.

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