Work and family: Making it work
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How do you reach a work-family balance in the modern world?
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Work and family: Making it work

Despite all the progress made toward gender equality, women still hold fewer leadership positions in government and industry, and men still face a social stigma if they devote themselves to childcare.


In Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s much-discussed new book about what’s holding women back – “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" -- Sandberg talks about the need for women to go after greater responsibilities at work and insist on equal partnerships at home.


We want to know if you think women can have a high-level position and a fulfilling home life. Are you a male-female couple who follow the traditional roles and find a balance that way or do you try something different – sharing housework and child-rearing or taking turns depending on whose career is more demanding at the time? If you’re a same-sex couple, do you share all the responsibilities or does one of you lean more to the home role and the other to bringing home the bacon? And single-parent families – how do you divide your time? Can any of us be high-flyers at home AND work?


Take us through a day in your life of your family. Who works longer hours? How do you divide the household chores? If you have children, how do you trade off child-care responsibilities? What struggles have you faced?


Post your answers, along with a photo of your family, and tell us how you make it work. You can also post it to Instagram with the hashtags #leaningin and #cnnireport.


Update: This assignment is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!



Work, family and 'leaning in': Seven families trying to make it work

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