Your best travel dish
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Expired: Apr 15, 2013
Have you traveled and tasted an extraordinary dish?
Send in a photo of the best dish from your travels and tell us about it.
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Your best travel dish

For renowned chef and author Anthony Bourdain, travel isn’t about taking a vacation or following a tour guide; it’s all about discovery. That’s exactly what he's doing on his new show "Parts Unknown," where he sets out to experience all the culture and cuisine the world has to offer.


Have you traveled the globe and tasted an extraordinary dish? Did it light up your taste buds and add to your adventures? We want you to share that story with CNN iReport. Send in a photo of the best dish from your travels and the story behind it. We'll feature some of the best on CNN.


And be sure to check out the premiere of Bourdain’s new show "Parts Unknown," which airs on CNN in April.


On Travel, order, eat: 15 best dishes abroad

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