Ugliest travel photos
The former Soviet Union was known for its beauty. Vitaly Armand/AFP/Getty Images

Do your vacation shots scare travelers away?
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Ugliest travel photos

We've all been on great vacations. Not all of us have taken great vacation photos.


But that's okay! Here's your chance to show off those less-than-stellar shots. We see so many beautiful mountains and tranquil coastlines — now it's time to give the rain-soaked gutters and crumbling steel mills their moment in the sun.


If you have a talent for making Hawaiian beaches and Paris streets look like run-down wastelands, we want to hear from you. Share your photos that will make other travelers think twice before visiting the destination. Blurry, dimly lit shots or flash overuse work best.


UPDATE: We used some of your stories on our blog. This assignment is now closed. Thanks for contributing!


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