CNN's most unimportant person: Ask him a question
We'd start with the question "Who are you again?"

Jarrett Bellini is ... there. He works at CNN. Yep.
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CNN's most unimportant person: Ask him a question

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting soooooo long for: A chance to ask some random person at CNN a question.


There’s no better man for the job than Jarrett Bellini, who sometimes unironically says he’s the most unimportant person at CNN.


After walking around the newsroom in vain, trying to find someone who wasn’t busy doing something important, we encountered Bellini finishing up a meaningless task.


We were all, “Hey Jarrett, you mind if we get readers to ask you some questions?” And he was like, “Um, sure, OK. Go for it.”


Maybe say, “What’s up, Jarrett?” or … “What did you have for lunch today?” Honestly, you can just make something up. Just make sure it’s on video.


To participate, simply fire up that dinky webcam or shoot a “selfie” on your mobile phone. Grainy low-res videos of your talking head are fine, as long as the mouth is spouting out a question for Bellini. Max runtime: one hour.


Heck, he even might answer your questions, if he’s got some spare time in his otherwise uninteresting existence.


UPDATE: We used some of your stories on our blog.


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