Living with autism: Out in public
Both of Mindy Jarreau's little boys were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder more than two years ago.

If you or a loved one is on the autism spectrum, what is it like to be out in public?
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Living with autism: Out in public

For families living with autism, public outings can be hard. Unexplainable breakdowns can bring judgmental stares or worse from strangers. But then there are inspiring stories of kindness like the Chili's waitress who fixed a broken hamburger for a little girl with autism who was upset that it was cut in half.


If you are living with the disorder or have a family member on the autism spectrum, what is it like to be out in public? What do you want others unfamiliar with autism to know, do, say or react?


Complete the following statement in a short video or in writing:


"I am -- or my child, or sibling is — living with autism, and when you see me/them in public this is what I hope you would know, do or say..."


If you choose to submit a written piece, please be sure to include a photo of your family with your submission. Your response could be featured on CNN.



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