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CNN iReport is a little bit different from the rest of CNN.com, because everything here starts with a story from members of our community. We want to invite you to share the stories you care about with CNN, and the rest of the world.

iReport has been around since 2006, but it recently got a new look and lots of new features. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started and make the most of it:

1. Find stories you're interested in
Everyday people around the world share stories on iReport about interesting things happening in their communities. Start with the "Explore" page to see collections of iReports on various topics, the stories CNN has highlighted, and to find iReports on a map.
2. Mark your favorites

If you see something cool, spread the word.
The "favorite" button lets the iReporter know you appreciate their work, shows your followers the stories you're digging and helps CNN producers know which stories are generating a buzz. You can also share your stories on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

3. Meet people
CNN iReport is a community, so it's more fun when you get to know people. Check out these iReporters who are doing interesting things on the site. Visit their iReport page to follow them and you'll see their new stories each time you log in.
4. Join a Group
There are a lot of news stories going on at any given time in the world. We want to make sure you see the ones that are important to you. You can do that by joining groups for topics you're interested in. You could join a few of them right here:

5. Get an Assignment
The assignment desk is a good place to find out what CNN is working on. Our producers regularly create new assignments to get iReporters' views on the news and invite you to participate in projects we're working on.

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6. Tell a story

CNN is listening. Every day dozens of stories that start on iReport make their way to CNN (after they've been verified, of course). If you see something or know something you think CNN and the world need to know about, we hope you'll share it.

There are lots of ways to upload iReports, from apps to e-mail to the good old-fashioned web.

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7. Get help, or just drop us a line
If you've got a question or a problem (or a great idea!) about CNN iReport, you can contact David Williams, our community manager, at david.williams@cnn.com or you can use our contact form.

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8. OK, go!

The best way to learn what iReport is all about is just to dive in and get started. But if you want to keep learning, there's more:

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